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           Anshan Onasen Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is the first-level agent of Anshan Iron and Steel's pure iron products. Mainly distribute domestic high-precision pure iron products. For many years, our company has jointly developed new high-precision pure iron products with steel mills every year. While helping downstream companies greatly reduce costs, they also help companies go abroad and occupy foreign markets. Main business: pure iron billet, pure iron steel coil, pure iron round steel, pure iron wire rod; materials are ultra-low phosphorus pure iron, ultra-low sulfur pure iron, low aluminum pure iron, amorphous special pure iron, low manganese pure iron , Low-arsenic pure iron, electromagnetic pure iron, zinc pot mainly uses pure iron.
          2021 is a brand new year. The epidemic has brought a lot of trouble to the country and people, but seize the business opportunities and sell directly on e-commerce platforms, so that customers can buy genuine products without going out. If you have any needs, please contact our company 13304206566, one-stop solution for you from ordering to tapping, to rolling, to transportation (automobile, fire, shipping) to help you think about what you need, what is urgent, and what you need . We will do a good job of our products for the same goal, strengthen the company, provide customers with first-class services, and achieve a win-win situation!